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7 Quotes About Female Genital Mutilation by Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere


  1. “To cut off the sensitive sexual organ of a girl is directly against the honesty of nature, a distortion to her womanhood, and an abuse of her fundamental human right”- Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere
  2. “The best way to make a girl to abstain from pre-marital sex is not by cutting her genital, but by educating and mentoring her” – Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere
  3. “Together we can build a nation where there is zero tolerance to female genital mutilation”- Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere
  4. “Girls are well created, and it is unnecessary and irrelevant to cut any part of their bodies”- Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere
  5. “You or any of your family members may not have practiced female genital mutilation, but that is not enough reason to keep silent about it. You need to speak out against it to discourage others from the practice”- Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere
  6. “When You circumcise a girl child, you affect her womanhood”- Joseph Osuigwe.
  7. Circumcisers make money from cutting girls/women, and girls/women (victims) spend money treating health complications of Female Genital Mutilation- Joseph Osuigwe Chidiebere