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About Devatop

Devatop Centre for Africa Development is a leading youth-led anti-human trafficking and human rights organization in Nigeria, with focus on combating human trafficking, gender-based violence, irregular migration, and supporting survivors and at-risk youth.

DEVATOP is registered with Corporate Affairs Commission Nigeria and has impacted over a million people through training, advocacy, community projects, sensitization, and assistance.

Vision & Mission

DEVATOP is leading a sustainable movement of young people against human trafficking and irregular migration across Nigeria, and stimulating leaders, policy makers, private sectors to tackle human trafficking.

Our Vision

An African society where the rights of people are respected and promoted.

Our Mission

To work with local, national, and global partners in upholding human rights and social justice in Africa.

Our Core Values


We thrive to do the right things and not to compromise our standards, thereby sustaining the people’s trust on us.


We don’t hide or cover our works, but we are committed to making our activities, projects, and relationships transparent. We are open for dialogue with public sectors, social sector, private sector and individuals regarding what we have done and what we want to do.


We ensure that our values and trust are not compromised while carrying out our activities. We always make sure that we don’t abuse people’s right nor engage in activities do not align with making positive change. We also respect people’s right and their privacies.


We are committed to improving our approaches, and trying out new ways of doing our work. We believe in doing things differently and better.

Human Rights

We promote and uphold human rights and ensure that no one is treated differently based on their ethnicity, origin, religions, color, and gender.


We believe in the power of synergy, and try to get the other organizations and individuals in achieving a common goal.

Our Objectives.

Working with other organizations.

We are open to working with other organizations in building a world without human trafficking. We value the strength of working together
We value the contributions that others make to combating human trafficking and other human rights abuses.
We value the strength we gain from learning from each other’s successes and challenges.

At DEVATOP, we recognize that to combat and prevent human rights abuses, we must work closely and effectively together with social, private and public sectors.

We are committed to informing others about the situation in our arena; our successes and challenges; and the lessons we learn about what works.

Combating human trafficking, gender-based violence, and other human rights abuses requires funds (grants and donations) and other relevant materials, hence, we value any form of support people give us.

Our Approach

We foster synergies, collaboration, and complementarity and encourage alliance with organizations, companies, and the public sector towards tackling human rights abuses.

Want to learn more about us? You can reach us at [email protected]

Through advocacy we speak out for victims and vulnerable people, sensitize community members, and influence stakeholders and young people to join the movement to tackle human rights abuses.  We foster community actions and advocate for better policies in addressing these menaces.
Through training we build the capacity of young people and relevant stakeholders to be at the forefront of combating human trafficking and other human rights abuses.
Through research we study and share findings with the aim of improving existing efforts, and stimulate more actions.
Information & Communications Technology
We use ICT tools including web and mobile application to spread the information and encourage citizens to report and take actions to tackle human rights abuses.
Victims Support & Empowerment
We provide educational, skills and financial support to survivors and vulnerable community members, especially girls, women and children.
We provide platforms for young people from diverse professions across the globe to volunteer and utilize time, talents, and creativity to tackle human rights abuses.
We seek to improve anti-human trafficking and human rights policies in Nigeria.