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Devatop Projects & Programmes.

Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Project
This project focuses on training young people (across different sectors) as anti-human trafficking advocates, and empowering them with resources to carryout human trafficking community projects, monitor and report incidences of trafficking. Since 2015, more than 500 across nine states in Nigeria have been trained, and they have reached over 300, 000 community members.
HumansNot4Trade Campaign
This focuses on educating people about dangers of irregular migration and trafficking in persons. It is a use of social change communication method to change the mindset of Nigerians towards embarking on illegal traveling outside Nigeria, and as well as make them realize how valuable and priceless they are. The initiative aims at promoting the dignity of humans, and to making young people to overcome the traps and tricks of traffickers, who often come to them with promises of non-existing better life, job and scholarship. More than 10, 400 young people, educators, and children in Abuja, Lagos, and Nasarawa have been sensitized, and also 200 internally displaced children and girls have been impacted.
This is an innovative approach for preventing human trafficking and other human rights abuses through training, advocacy, research, community projects and publications. Between 2015 and 2016, we executed the project in Abuja and Lagos, during which 120 youth, educators, law enforcement officials, journalists, and CSOs from six states were trained and empowered to carryout anti-human trafficking projects in their various communities. Within nine months, the trained advocates were able to directly educate 6000 people in Lagos, FCT, Plateau, Kaduna, Katsina, and through media and community outreaches about 300, 000 people were sensitized. They also reported three cases, and on the cases was about a 17-year-old girl who was trafficked from Abuja to Kano for forced marriage. Our organization engaged NAPTIP to rescue and reunite her family. The goal of this project is that each of the 775 local government areas in Nigeria will have at least 5 trained anti-human trafficking advocates who are at the forefront of combating human trafficking and reporting incidences in their local areas.
TALKAM | Using ICT to tackle human trafficking
TALKAM is an initiative that focuses on utilizing information and communication technology tools to monitor, track, report and respond to human trafficking incidences. It involves development and deploying human rights abuse reporting application (known as TALKAM), and use of weekly radio and T.V programs to engage citizens in tackling human trafficking and other human rights abuses. TALKAM collects information about human trafficking in various states, analyzes them, and provides up-to-date information about different human trafficking activities affecting the community at large. It offers a variety of information for development experts, human rights activists, law enforcement agents, government agencies and citizens. Those with more technical interest can read the Alerts, Analysis Reports, Current Activity, or Bulletins.
Victims Support Services (VSS)
After rescuing three victims, we initiated VSS to ensure that victims are empowered and re-integrated into the society. Through VSS, we make contributions to provide financial and educational support to victims of human trafficking. This include: Opening a restaurant business for Ogechi, a victim that we jointly assisted to escape her captors. Her story was very pathetic. After she was trafficked from Anambra State to Republic of Mali, she was sold three times before she finally escaped. Also, her trafficker was finally trapped and captured in a joint action with Nigerian Police. She (the trafficker) is currently in prison, and her case has been heard in court thrice. We have empowered her(survivor) with small grant to start a restaurant business.
Volunteers Against Human Trafficking
We have trained and empowered our volunteers to carry out projects to educate community members or reach out to schools. More than 40, 000 people have been impacted by our volunteer-based projects. As of June, 2018, we have over 270 volunteers across Nigeria, and in Italy, France, Spain, USA, Germany, and South Africa, and some of them have executed anti-human trafficking projects in various states.
International Internship and Delegates
DEVATOP hosts international interns and delegates who come to Nigeria to learn and contribute to combating human trafficking and other human rights abuses.
End Female Genital Mutilation Advocacy (End FGM Advocacy)
This is the use of social change communication method to tackle female genital mutilation. The project utilizes traditional and modern communication to engage community members in ending female genital mutilation.
Red Card To Female Genital Mutilation (Red Card2FGM)
This the use of sporting activities(soccer, relay race, sack race, javelin, volley ball, etc) to engage young people in campaigning against female genital mutilation.