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By Adebowale Amarachi Ann.

      The issue of sexual violence against women has become a major concern to everyone. Hardly a day passes by without reports of some women being victims of sexual violence or assault of different kind.

            Sexual violence is any sexual act, attempt to obtain a sexual act , unwanted sexual comments or advances , acts to traffic ,or otherwise directed against a person’s sexuality using coercion ,or force by any person regardless of their relationship to the victim , in any setting , including but not limited to home and work.

            It occurs in times of peace and armed conflict situations; it is widespread and is considered to be one of the most traumatic, pervasive and most common human rights violations. It is an act that fundamentally seeks to bring the body to a weak point and go against the will of the person  

            In most cases, such situation causes the victim, psychological disturbances that are often irreparable. Physically and also affected the worst brutally murdered, which is becoming more common today.

            Some reasons that perpetrators rape or sexually abuse people is alcohol and drug use, sexual fantasies, hostility towards women, witnesses of family violence as a child, or has a childhood history of sexual abuse. Perpetrators of sexual violence are at a high risk of committing the crime again.

            There are many ways to achieve a sustainable panacea for sexual violence against women.

            Raising awareness of the dangers of harmful traditions.  Some towns in Egypt for example still practices Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). This kind of area needs public enlightenment on the devastating impact Female Genital Mutilation can have on girls’ lives. By so doing it will help rural families to learn about the facts and change their attitudes to help the practice come to an end.

            Sharing of vital information with the community will help in reducing the rate of sexual violence against women. Trying to inform people, if they are due to be circumcised, we urge to advice them against. Invite the whole family in the community to attend awareness sessions to understand the negative impact on girls

            Emboldening girls to speak out. Encourage girls and women to speak out about the violence they face. “To all the girls and women who have suffered from any kind of violence please, speak up, don’t let anyone get away quiet.

            Moreover, early engagement of boys and young men to become agents of change can also help curb sexual violence against women. Making boys and young men to realize and understand the need for standing up for gender equality and breaking down the attitudes that cause violence against girls and women.

            By protecting girls who face additional risks during emergencies. Because of their gender and age, disasters and conflict increase girls’ vulnerability. This puts them at increased risk of rape, abuse and harmful practices such as child marriage as parents try to cope with the circumstances. Child protection interventions during emergencies must take into account the additional risks faced by girls and provide support that will help them avoid abuse and violence.

            Engage respected community elders in the fight against violence. “Fight Female Genital Mutilation because it robs women of their dignity and self – esteem”. In remote areas, traditional leadership is often the only power structure communities recognize. So involving them will go a long way in curbing the menacing effects of violence against women and girls in general.

            In order for sexual violence against women to be curbed to its barest minimum, specialists from different organizations and NGOs must be connected with the AT-RISK communities, where sexual violence is on the rise. Rape cases are often ignored and convictions are rarely made, while some communities feel their only option is to settle their ease by a traditional justice system that can victimize those attacked.

            The country’s laws concerning women rights should be reviewed in earnest, so as to create suitable penalties for perpetrators. This should be put in place after proper enlightenment of citizens. “As all hands must be on deck to put an end to these violence against women. Doing this will curb sexual violence against women to a large percentage .