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Want to join The Movement of Young People Against Human Trafficking, Gender-Based Violence and Other Human Rights Abuses?

You can make a difference with your time, skill, knowledge, energy, idea while volunteering with us. 

Why we need you to volunteer.

Volunteerism is one of the greatest backbones of nonprofit organizations. It takes only people with passion and enthusiasm to bring out their time, resources, energy, talents, skills and experiences for a good cause.

Human trafficking and human rights abuses are among the major causes that need more volunteers. (Volunteer means anyone that passionately and willingly gives his/her time, resources, energy, ideas, experiences, and talents to the promotion of a good cause).

We want young people to take action!

We can’t pretend as if human trafficking doesn’t exist. We can’t turn our back to victims. We can’t overlook or neglect the vulnerable ones. We have to take action, and nothing but action.

Your service can save lives.

By volunteering you will touch lives, save lives and make your community a better place.

We want to build reportage.

You can report any form of human rights abuse in your area. If you see something wrong, you have to report.

We believe in teams.

Together we can end human trafficking and other human rights abuses.