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Devatop Centre for Africa Development on Thursday 2nd of May 2024, held a Mid-Year Review Meeting with the key stakeholders in Lagos State to assess progress and identify challenges throughout the first and second quarters of the Freedom Fund Program to Protect Child Domestic Workers from Harm. DEVATOP has implemented various interventions aimed at addressing the root causes of child domestic work, providing support to affected children, and advocating for policy reforms.

This meeting brought together key government stakeholders, representatives from organizations, and team members to share experiences, analyze data, and gain valuable insights. The meeting objectives included identifying achievements, gathering feedback, facilitating learning and improvement, ensuring communication and alignment, and documenting key decisions and outcomes.

During the meeting, Peculiar Inana, DEVATOP M&E officer in Lagos state, presented an overview of the program’s scope, timelines, and key milestones. She highlighted the enrollment efforts of employers and influencers and the gaps identified during the mapping exercise. She elaborated on the collaboration and actions organizations and stakeholders can take for the program’s progress. The follow-up report from stakeholders based on the actions from the policy dialogue was also presented, ensuring everyone was kept abreast of the meeting details and ongoing efforts.

In a remark by Mr Anthony Uboho, DEVATOP M&E Officer from the head office in Abuja, he highlighted that child domestic work remains a prevalent yet often overlooked issue in many parts of the world, with Lagos State being no exception. He stated that the goal of this program is to eliminate child labour in domestic settings and to ensure the well-being and rights of every child and all this can be achieved by providing education, raising awareness, and offering support to both children and their families. 

Furthermore, he emphasized the need for open dialogue, encouraging stakeholders to share their thoughts and experiences freely as such discussions are important for learning and can provide the opportunity for stakeholders to collaboratively develop effective strategies and solutions.

With support from the Freedom Fund, DEVATOP is committed to fostering an environment of cooperation from both stakeholders, employers, and community influencers thereby creating a sustainable change and ensuring a brighter future for children in Lagos State and beyond.