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DEVATOP Empowers Community Influencers Against Exploitative Child Domestic Work

On March 22nd, 2024, Devatop Centre for Africa Development organized a community influencers engagement meeting at the Benny Hotel in Lagos State. The primary focus was on addressing the pressing issue of exploitative Child Domestic Work in the Iyana-Isashi & Ijegun-Egba communities, aiming to empower influencers and employment agents to champion against this harmful practice.

The session began with Devatop conducting training sessions for identified community influencers, arming them with essential knowledge and skills to advocate against exploitative child domestic work. These sessions covered crucial topics such as information on child domestic work, effective community influencing, advocacy messaging, intergenerational dialogue, action planning, and mentoring.

Field experts and stakeholders enriched the meeting with presentations, providing invaluable insights into various aspects of child exploitative work. Chika Nwabeke, Freedom Fund Program Advisor for Nigeria, offered an insightful overview of child domestic work, explaining its definition and the concept of exploitation.

A pivotal segment of the meeting focused on educating influencers about identifying and addressing exploitative child domestic work within their communities. By understanding their roles and responsibilities, these influencers were empowered to take concrete actions to combat this practice effectively.

These sensitization programs and engagement meetings were impactful, with participants gaining valuable knowledge and making significant contributions. Employers and representatives from the Ministry of Labour emphasized the importance of continued collaboration and action in combating exploitative child domestic work, underlining the necessity for sustained efforts in protecting vulnerable children.