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DEVATOP Conducts Sensitization Sessions Among Child Domestic Workers (CDWs) and Employers in Iyana-Isashi & Ijegun Egba Communities, Lagos State, Nigeria

In an ongoing effort to advocate for the fair treatment and safeguarding of Child Domestic Workers (CDWs) in Lagos State, Devatop Centre for Africa Development hosted a series of sensitization sessions which took place in the Iyana-Isashi and Ijegun Egba communities on March 20th and 21st, 2024, respectively. The primary objective was to enlighten both employers and CDWs about child rights and the paramount importance of cultivating safe working conditions for CDWs.

Kicking off the event were motivational speeches from Emmanuel Obiabo, DEVATOP’s Program Manager. Through engaging activities, participants delved into conversations centred around the project’s objectives, fostering cooperation, and highlighting critical issues. Employers of CDWs received valuable insights into identifying indicators of exploitative child labour and acquired strategies to prevent such situations, thereby ensuring the welfare of CDWs. Simultaneously, CDWs themselves were equipped with knowledge about their rights. The active engagement observed throughout the program was commendable, with participants actively contributing insights and recognizing the challenges faced by CDWs.

A notable outcome of the session was the formation of an Employer-CDWs forum. This forum, democratically elected and comprising a chairperson, secretary, public relations officer, and CDWs representatives, aims to promote representation and accountability within the community.

These sensitization programs held in Iyana-Isashi and Ijegun Egba mark significant strides towards fostering safer and more equitable environments for child domestic workers. By fostering dialogue, education, and community involvement, these initiatives lay the foundation for meaningful change and collective action in addressing the issue of exploitative child labor.