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Three Devatop Advocates Sensitized Over 1500 people on Human Trafficking

  Joseph Effiong Inyang, Johnmark Oscar  and Abanukam Johnkennedy are National Youth Corps Members serving in Abaji Council Area, in Federal Capital Territory.

They  were part of 40 youth that were trained by Devatop Centre for Africa Development with support from U.S Embassy Nigeria. the Trio (Joseph, Johnmark  and Johnkennedy), among others were trained as anti-human trafficking advocates and empowered to carryout community project against human trafficking.  They carried out six projects and educated 1648 students and religious members at Abaji Council Area.

Below is an interview with the three passionate youth:

Describe your take action project, its location, and number of people you impacted. (What else do you want us to know about your Take Action?)

Our take action project took place at Abaji Area Council. We were able to reachout to four(4) Secondary schools and one(1) ICT Center in the Area Council. And ECWA church.

  1. Junior Secondary School, Sabon Gari-Abaji, 415 students & the teachers.
  2. Junior Secondary School, Agyana-Abaji, 352 students & the teachers.
  3. Government Science Secondary School, Agyana-Abaji, 423 students & the teachers.
  4. Thaqfatul Islamiyah Secondary School, Sabon Gari-Abaji,185 students & the teachers.
  5. National Information Technology Development Agency-NITDA, Abaji, 56 students & the instructors.
  6. ECWA one Abaji – 217 members

How did you raise resources to carry out the anti-human trafficking project?

We made individual contributions toward the execution of the project.


What difference do you think you are making in the fight against human trafficking?We have been able to awaken the consciousness of many people in Abaji Area Council to negative consequences of human trafficking. Many people think human trafficking is a myth but with the statistics and reality on ground that was presented to them during our advocacy ,  they are waking up to this movement and they all support the to call to ending human trafficking.

What motivated you to carry out a project on combating human trafficking? We were trained on implications and the operations of human trafficking in our society. The negative effects caused by human trafficking in our society is quite debilitating. It has numerous negative implications that affect us directly and/or indirectly. As such we were provoked to come onboard to join the fight against human trafficking.

In what ways has Devatop Centre for Africa Development empowered you to be at the forefront of combating human trafficking in Nigeria?Training – equipping us with the knowledge and the techniques needed for combating the menace.


What is your advice to young people? 

To work hard, stay focus, be contented and avoid being desperate.

What next do you want to do to combat human trafficking?(If yes, describe it)

To continuously carry out advocacy program to other schools, churches and other public gathering to fully educate the public about the negative consequences of human trafficking in our society now and in the future.

Your names, discipline, area of service and state of origin:

  1. Name: Joseph Effiong Inyang (FC/17A/1615)

    Area of Service: Abaji Area Council Secretariat, FCT – Abuja.

    Discipline: Petroleum Engineering.

    State of Origin: Akwa Ibom.


  1. Name: Johnmark Oscar (FC/17A/2279)

Area of Service: Abaji Area Council Secretariat,  FCT-Abuja.

     Discipline: Computer Engineering Technology.

     State of Origin: Kaduna State.


  1. Name: Abanukam Johnkennedy A. (FC/17A/2112)

      Area of Service: Abaji Area Council Secretariat, FCT-Abuja.

      Discipline: Psychology.

      State of Origin: Imo State.


Anti-Human Training Advocacy Training held on November, 2017 was a Pass-It-On project by Joseph Osuigwe C, (Executive Director of Devatop Centre for Africa Development), after his return from International Human Trafficking Conference USA.

This training was supported by U.S Embassy Nigeria