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As part of the activities of the TALKAM Against Trafficking and Abuse (TATA) project, DEVATOP unveiled two short films on Tuesday April 19, 2022, in partnership with NAPTIP, which are focused on raising awareness and encouraging reporting of issues around Human Trafficking and Gender-Based Violence (GBV) in Nigeria. The unveiling which was done at the Conference Room of NAPTIP HQ in Abuja, had the following persons in attendance: The Director of Public Enlightenment, Mr. Josiah Emerole, who represented the DG NAPTIP; the Executive Director of DEVATOP, Mr. Joseph Osuigwe, as well as other team members; The political officer of the U.S Embassy, Carolyn Ratclaff; the Drama Coordinator of NAPTIP, Angela Agbayekhai; members of the drama unit of NAPTIP; and the press.

At the unveiling, the Executive Director of DEVATOP, Mr. Osuigwe, delivered an opening remark, where he stated that “Combating human trafficking requires multifaceted approaches, including the use of short films and drama”, and that “awareness through short films, dramas, and skits is vital in the prevention of human trafficking and gender-based violence; and goes some way in shaping people’s thoughts and mindsets and stimulating them to take action”. He acknowledged that the short films were produced with support from the United States Embassy, Pamplona City Council Spain, and Accion Contra La Trata, Spain. Also in his remark, he mentioned that “DEVATOP has utilized radio programs and community outreaches to sensitize over 3 million citizens on dangers of human trafficking and gender-based violence” in addition to training and engaging “over 275 human rights advocates in Nigeria” through the phases of the TALKAM Project.

Following the remark by the E.D of DEVATOP, the political officer of the U.S Embassy, Carolyn Ratclaff, gave a goodwill message, where she commended NAPTIP and DEVATOP for coming together to produce the short films. She stated that human trafficking and GBV have become rampant, hence the decision of US Embassy to support efforts towards tackling both issues and others that hinders sustained development.

The Director General of NAPTIP Dr. Fatima Waziri-Azi delivered an address, through her representative at the event. She expressed delight to be part of the event of the unveiling of the TIP/GBV drama skits put together by DEVATOP as part of the DEVATOP/TALKAM Project, and congratulated DEVATOP for the completion of the Drama/Skits activity with sponsorship from the United States Mission in Nigeria and other partners. She also commended the partnership between DEVATOP and the Drama Club of her Agency which led to the outputs being unveiled. The DG stated that she granted a speedy approval for the collaboration, due to the strong partnership that has existed between the Agency and DEVATOP spanning for about a decade; and for the importance the Agency attaches to the use of Drama skits in the awareness creation aspect of its mandate. In summarizing her remark, the DG expresses hope that when the skits finally hit the airwaves and the social media space, it will encourage the boldness of many silent victims who will see the skits to break the culture of silence and speak out, tell their stories, and begin a healing process that will be positive within a short period.

The Drama coordinator of NAPTIP also gave a brief remark, where she commended DEVATOP for reaching out to the Agency for a partnership on the project. She also appreciated the DG for granting the approval for the project and for the sustained encouragement and confidence towards the drama unit of NAPTIP.

Following the remarks, the short films were displayed for viewing, and got some feedback, which was acknowledged by the ED of DEVATOP.

The event was anchored by the Technical Assistant to the DG of NAPTIP, Lawrenta Igoh.


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