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Freedom walk, race and show against human traffic and rape

Press Release

DEVATOP CENTRE FOR AFRICA DEVELOPMENT organized this Freedom Walk, Race and Show as a strategic approach to mobilize women, young people, Directors of companies, social workers, activists, etc to join the FREEDOM movement to put an end to human trafficking, rape and violence against women. Mr. Joseph Osuigwe, the organizer,  in an interview with NTA Channel 5 Abuja and RachelTV said that the  Freedom Walk /Show is in commemoration of World Day Against Traffic in Persons and  a way to honour survivors of human trafficking and rape, and bring shame to the traffickers and rapists.
According to him, it is obvious that all over the world, there are daily reports of human trafficking, rape and violence against women. The future of so many young people, especially women has been frustrated, and their hope shattered because of the triumph of this evil.  An estimated 21 million women, children and men are victims of human trafficking around the world.  A lot of people think that Human Trafficking is a foreign issue, but it can happen at our backyard. It doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor, from the city or village, anyone can be at risk of human trafficking.
We have converged here today to use exercise (walk, race, & dance) as tools to create awareness and call on citizens to stand out against human trafficking, rape and violence against women.  For us, fighting human trafficking and other related matters should be everyone’s responsibility, because, every family has a direct or indirect victim.
The Freedom Walk & Show was attended by Mr. Chido Onumah the Coordinator of African Centre For Media and Information Literacy; Ambassador Rachel Bakam, the Director of Rachel TV, Dorothy Njamanze, Founder, Dorothy Njamanze Foundation and supported by INDOMIE NOODLES, AIRTEL, and RAYZED LIMITED
The general message for the Freedom Walk & Show is