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Anti-Human Trafficking Advocacy Certificate

Slavery was abolished more than 150 years ago, but there exist more people in the modern slavery than any other time in human history. Human trafficking is the second largest crime industry in the world with a yearly income of $32 billion dollars generated from the exploitation of 27 million victims. Nigeria ranked the 4th nation in the world that has the highest number of victims of human trafficking, with an estimate of 701 032. Every year, more than 45, 000 women, children and boys are trafficked within and outside Nigeria. According UNICEF, every two minutes a child is being prepared for sexual exploitation.

There are daily reports of human trafficking, rape, and violence against women/children and people with disability in Nigeria. These ought to concern every person because they are debasements to our common humanity; they distort market, endanger public health, and tear the social fabric of our generation.

Therefore, The Academy for Prevention of Human Trafficking and Other Related Matters seek to collaboratively address these issues by raising passionate advocates that will be in the forefront of building a world without human trafficking and other related issues.
Objective of the Training:
1. To train over 70 people (law enforcement agents, medical professionals/health workers, airport staff, youths, educators, Journalists, Legal practitioners, survivors, women, etc) as advocates and trainers who will join the movement of ending human trafficking, rape and violence against persons.
2. To stimulate trainees to do a Step Down Training/Awareness or cascade what they learnt to others, either in various communities or closest area.
3. To raise passionate people who are willing to put their time, resources, experiences in observing, monitoring, and reporting suspicious movement/transportation of persons or cases related to the issues mentioned above.
4. To groom passionate people who are willing to put their time, resources, experiences to our academy in combating human trafficking.

Date: 25th to 26th November, 2015 at National Human Rights Commission, Maitama, Abuja by 9.00am

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