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I Am Writing This With Tears and Bleeding Heart Because It Pains, Says Joseph Osuigwe

I Am Writing This With Tears and Bleeding Heart Because It Pains.
For those who have house servants, and treat them as house slaves……The Law will Catch You Through Devatop Centre for Africa Development
Why will you take someone’s daughter/son with a promise to take care of her, and send her to school, but you end up restricting her from going to school, using her as a heavy duty machine, and denying her freedom of expression, movement, etc.
She only eats when your children have finished eating.
She only sleeps when your children have slept.
She sleeps on the floor while your children sleep on the bed.
She bath outside while your children bath in the bathroom
When she is sick, you give her Paracetamol and tell her to continue with unending house chores, but when your children are sick, you take them to clinic/hospital.
You may have done this for many years, and nobody has reported you, but soon, a kind hearted  citizen will report you.
By Joseph Chidiebere
Dear reader, if you see such thing, please #Talkam. Report to us via this contacts:
When reporting, try and include the address, and other facts that will enable us to rescue the child, and prosecute the perpetrator.
Don’t see evil and keep silent.