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Request for Quotation: Upgrade of TALKAM Reporting App for TATIP Project

Title: Consultant – Upgrade of TALKAM Reporting App for TATIP Project

Type of Contract: Short-term

Open Date: Feb 09, 2023;     Questions Deadline: Feb 15, 2023;     Closing Date: Feb 21, 2023.

Duration of assignment: Date of Signature – March 3, 2023.



Devatop Centre for Africa Development (DEVATOP) is a human rights organization whose aim is to work with local, national, and global partners to address human rights abuses through technology, capacity building, advocacy, research, and sustainable interventions.

Through its tech-driven initiative known as TALKAM, DEVATOP is accelerating citizen-led reportage and actions against human rights abuses in Africa.

DEVATOP, with support from Palladium under the Strengthening Civic Advocacy and Local Engagement (SCALE) Program, funded by USAID, is implementing the TALKAM Against Trafficking in Persons (TATIP) project. TATIP is designed to utilise technology and traditional methods to counter trafficking in persons with a focus on prevention, protection, partnership, and prosecution. TALKAM is a pidgin English word meaning to Speak Out. The project – TATIP, scheduled to be implemented in three states namely Delta, Enugu, and Sokoto, is a new and expanded phase of the TALKAM Project which was initially supported by the U.S Embassy in Nigeria in 2021.


The project is designed to achieve the objectives paraphrased as follows:

  • Enhance awareness on the dangers of TIP through engaging anti-human trafficking champions and journalists to carry out strategic actions, as well as and sensitizing citizens through radio and social media.
  • Increase identification, reportage, responses and investigation to human trafficking cases
  • Enhance provision of psychosocial, professional counselling and skill support for identified survivors and vulnerable individuals.
  • Foster collaboration and synergy between private sector, government and CSOs on tackling trafficking in persons.


This solicitation requests the services of experienced consultant to upgrade the TALKAM reporting app for the project.

Scope of Work/Deliverables:

The details include the following:

Modern Responsive APP re-design & Re-structuring

Web-base version

High Speech

Directory of Human Rights NGOs

Membership Management

Virtual Help features

Data Analysis Dashboard

Strong Security

iOs, Andriod and Windows enabled

Interactive Online Human Rights Course (10 courses)

Search Options

Offline Work

Multiple Languages (English and French)

Personalization and Search

Media/Data Analysis Publication (including guest publication)

Social Media Chat (private, public, share, comment, likes, etc)

High-speed website Hosting

Essential SSL Certificate (HTTPS Security) (1 Year)

Automated Backups, Software updates & Bug Fixes (1 Year)





The consultant required to provide professional, objective and impartial service and at all times hold the DEVATOP’s interest’s paramount, without any consideration for future work and strictly avoid conflicts with other assignments or their own corporate interests. The consultant will be selected on a merit-based and cost-effectiveness evaluation of offers for service provision and will follow the fair and transparent procurement procedure of DEVATOP. The breakdown of the application is as follows:

  • Hosting (Dedicated Secure Cloud Server).
  • Push notifications for mobile App. • Android Store accounts for the mobile app registered in the name of DEVATOP.
  • Mobile APP design UI/UX.
  • Mobile APP backend amendment – CMS and API development.
  • Mobile APP Native development: Android across All Mobile devices including Tablets.
  • Development of consistent visual elements and Mobile Apps architecture that is scalable and extendable and W3 compliant.
  • DEVATOP will have full access to the servers & databases.


Selection Criteria

The consultant to be contracted is expected to meet the following criteria:

  • Must be registered with Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria (for organizations), or have relevant status of permit to work in Nigeria (for individuals)
  • Must show evidence of up-to-date tax payment to the government or tax exemption for non-profits, evidence of contribution to pension of personnel, and evidence of compliance with other government regulations as necessary.
  • The consultant must have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in carrying out similar assignments (a portfolio of such work done in the last 2 years is required evidence).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of gender equality and social inclusion (GESI) in delivering on the assignment.


Quote Criteria/Payment Schedule

  • DEVATOP will pay a consultancy fee based upon a mutually agreeable consultancy rate.
  • The quotes submitted should include all associated expenses borne by the consultant to carry out this assignment, as no other expenses will be covered or reimbursed by DEVATOP.
  • Quotes must be submitted in Naira, as payment(s) to contracted consultant will be made in this currency.
  • Please note that DEVATOP will deduct and remit to the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) a 5% or 10% withholding Tax from the total consultancy fees for individuals or organizations in accordance with the Nigerian Tax Law.


Method of Application:

Interested and qualified candidates should send their application with title “Consultant – Upgrade Of TALKAM Reporting App” as the email subject to [email protected] Cc [email protected]

The application should highlight among other things:

  • The consultant’s relevant experience,
  • Proposed content plan/script outline.
  • Work plan and quote
  • Link to portfolio/materials produced within the last 2 years that are relevant to this request.
  • Reference letters from 2 individuals/organizations you have working relationship with, and can speak on your capacity (sent as annex to the application)

N/B: The application should be a maximum of 4 A4-sized pages, excluding annexes.