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We are looking for vibrant, talented and creative young people to join our TALKAM Human Rights Internship Program and contribute towards the promotion and protection of human rights in Africa.

Location: Abuja, Nigeria.

Job Type: Internship (Virtual/On-site)

Location: Abuja

Internship Roles:

  1. Video Editing and Audio-Visual Content Creator (Responsible for facilitating the creation of visual contents and editing using relevant tools and software. Creating motional graphics, short videos, event videos, slideshows, etc)


  1. Animators (Responsible for creating animated contents, motional graphics, and other artistic contents that will promote human rights in Africa)


  1. Data-Analyst (gathering, analyzing, interpreting and visualizing it; design, construct, manage, distribute, and maintain data visualizations as a component of reporting and analysis. Reporting on and analyzing human rights data in a way that contributes to telling compelling stories on an array of news platforms. Experienced in relevant data analysis tools and software)


  1. Web Developer (Responsible for developing/designing and managing websites. Fixing bugs on websites and assisting beneficiaries on web related issues)
  • Ethical with high level of integrity
  • Good communicator, listener and a team player
  • Professional, responsible and accountable
  • Open to ideas and change
  • Commitment to the Organization’s Vision and Values


Application will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

If you are interested, click on the form to apply:  Application Form