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DEVATOP Engages the Private Sector Organizations in the Fight Against Trafficking

Devatop Centre for Africa Development, in a bid to address human trafficking issues, conducted the Launch of Private Sector Against Trafficking in Persons and Exhibition under the TALKAM Against Trafficking in Persons Project (TATIP) in the three project states: Delta, Enugu, and Sokoto emphasizing the importance of collaboration between the private sector, government institutions, and civil society organizations.

The event was held on the 28th of November in Sokoto and Delta and on the 1st of December, 2023, in Enugu. The event had in attendance private sector organizations, CSOs, survivors, and more, showcasing a commitment to addressing the issue of human trafficking collectively. The Launch of the State Private Sector Against Trafficking in Persons Forum in Delta, Enugu and Sokoto State aimed to integrate private sector actors into the fight against Trafficking in Persons and to explain the roles of the Private Sector in the fight against Trafficking in Persons.

A crucial segment of the event was a panel discussion on human trafficking and the role of the private sector in countering it. The panel discussion featured notable panellists from NACTAL, the Child Protection Network, the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), and the International Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA), highlighting the significance of private sector involvement in raising awareness against human trafficking and the need for businesses to actively contribute to prevention and elimination. To further enhance awareness and increase the identification and reporting of trafficking cases, interim committees were formed in Delta, Enugu and Sokoto States comprising individuals from private sector organizations, civil societies and CSOs.

In all states, beneficiaries of the skills acquisition programs showcased their talents in tailoring, hairdressing, and barbering, demonstrating the positive impact of the training. The exhibition celebrated their achievements and provided a platform for them to express their gratitude to DEVATOP, USAID, and Palladium for the opportunity to acquire valuable skills. By engaging the private sector, fostering collaboration, and empowering survivors, the TALKAM Against Trafficking in Persons TATIP Project aims to create a united front against this heinous crime. The commitment of private sector organizations and the formation of committees in each state underline the collective determination to eradicate human trafficking and build a safer society for all.