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Snatched away from my home and my family

Snatched away from my home and my family

Trafficked for sex

Daily i live in agony

Tortured and pain harmonise me like a symphony

Tears filled my eyes as I figure out my destiny


From brothels to hotels one night stand even in  hostels,

No one cares for my fears, no one to wipe off my tears,

45 thousand of my type, yearly denied of their right

Am breaking, my life sinking, reason is sex trafficking


A girl once known for great charm and charisma

Now used as a commodity to satisfy a  customer,

An end to my vision and purpose in life,

Denied of my position and societal right,


Helpless and hopeless desparing because am forced to,

Homeless and loveless– a cruel life that am used to

Deranged and disdained like a victim is entitled

Restrained and estranged, summarise my epistle



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