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Special Appreciation To Paula Susarte Dealbert

Volunteerism is one of the greatest backbones of nonprofit organizations. It takes only people with enthusiasm to bring out their time, resources, energy, talents, skills, and experiences for a good cause. Volunteers are defined by action, not by registration. What makes one a volunteer is his/her commitment and actions towards a cause, vision and goal.

Devatop Cenre for Africa Development is such an organization that values and cherishes volunteerism. We are known for celebrating exceptional volunteers, and one of these volunteers is Paula Susarte Dealbert, a Student in Communication (L2) at Université Savoie Montblanc. Her passion for eradication of child abuse, human trafficking and other human rights abuse propelled her to volunteer for our organization.
Her voluntary services have immensely added value to our anti-human trafficking work. Using her media skills, she has helped to create graphic works to promote our work. Though she schools in France, but that doesn’t limit her from doing her voluntary services for our organization. This is an indication of volunteerism.
This month, we appreciate and celebrate Paula, for her creative works and intellectual contribution to our anti-human trafficking projects.
Click here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3BPYkyhLT4 to view the graphic work she did for our organization, which was used during the inauguration of our anti-human trafficking ambassadors in Abuja, Nigeria.