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TALKAM Human Rights Reporting Mobile Application


TALKAM is a human rights reporting mobile application and information hub which is meant to disseminate evidence-based information about different forms of human rights abuse (like human trafficking, gender-based violence, violence against children etc).

It also offers a variety of information and data on abuse of children and women for community members, organizations, development experts, human rights activists, law enforcement agents, and government agencies. Those with more technical interest can read the Alerts, Surveys, Analysis, and Bulletins.

TALKAM focuses on using technology tool to monitor, and report, analyze human rights; and advocates and stimulates actions among community members, policy makers, government to tackle and prevent human rights abuse and more importantly to change the status quo in Nigeria.

The goal of TALKAM is to use information and data to stimulate actions against human rights abuse, and as well as increasing reportage, and reducing incidences.

Publication Components:

  • Alerts: (Provides up-to-date information about different human trafficking activities affecting the community at large. Provide timely information about current human trafficking issues, vulnerabilities, and exploits in Nigeria.)
  • Bulletins: (Provide monthly summaries of current human trafficking incidences, activities, and events in Human Trafficking Bullen in Nigeria
  • Survey Report: (This provides update or report of surveys, research, or polls conducted on issues around human trafficking, irregular migration, and gender-based violence)
  • Analysis: (Yearly analysis of human trafficking, irregular migration and gender-based violence in Nigeria.)

TALKAM is an initiative of Devatop Centre for Africa Development, a Nigerian youth-led human rights organization.

Visit www.talkam.org for more details

TALKAM App is available for download on Google Play. Click here to download