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DEVATOP Call for Vendors 2024


Devatop Centre for Africa Development (DEVATOP) invites qualified vendors across Nigeria (including current suppliers and service providers) for pre-qualification for the supply of goods and services of different categories to the organization.

DEVATOP is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political, non-religion organization with headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria, and offices in Lagos.  DEVATOP has a vision of an African society where the rights of people are respected and promoted.

DEVATOP works to achieve her vision through seven focus areas: Human trafficking,  Gender-based violence, Jungle Justice,  Migration, Climate Change, Education, and Child Abuse

The pre-qualification of vendors targets the following categories of goods and services:

DCAD-NG-001: Hospitality services (Hotels, Meeting/ Conference room facilities)

DCAD-NG-002: Printing services 

DCAD-NG-003: Office equipment (furniture, computers, photocopiers, printers, filing cabinets, office chairs, tables, etc.)

DCAD-NG-004: Website and app development

DCAD-NG-005:  Audio-Visual Productions (production of video animations, recording and editing of videos, recording, and production of short films, production of short video adverts, production of motion graphics, and other forms of audio-visuals)

DCAD-NG-006: Office supplies (stationary, toiletries)

DCAD-NG-007: Logistics Services (Transportation services e.g, Car / Bus Hire, Couriers)

DCAD-NG-008: Travel services (travel arrangements, trip itinerary)

DCAC-NG-009: Translator (languages e.g, Pidgin, French, Swahili, etc )

DCAD-NG-010: Radio Stations  

DCAD-NG-011: Media and ICT Services (Subscription of online services, press coverages, repairs of ICT equipment, storytelling  etc)

DCAD-NG-012:  Jingles Production and Voice-Over Services

DCAD-NG-013: Catering Services (Meal catering services. Bakery and confectionery services)

Eligibility requirement

  • Company profile including names and contact details of key personnel
  • A copy of the certificate of incorporation must be attached with an active profile
  • Tax clearance certificates for the last three (2)  financial years
  • Tax identification number (TIN)
  • Evidence of corporate address, phone number, and email addresses
  • Verifiable list of previous and current clients on similar services carried out in recent times
  • List of services that vendor offers to clients.


How to apply

Interested vendors should submit applications to [email protected] using the attached vendor registration form.

The application should be submitted alongside the above eligibility requirements.

The last day for receipt of applications is 15th February 2024.

Suppliers and service providers who meet the criteria for prequalification will be prequalified for the categories applied for and will form the list of vendors who will be given tender/quotation documents to bid for the supply of goods and services under those categories when required.