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Devatop visits Sunny Eru Motors in Warri, Delta State

A 2-person advocacy team from Devatop Centre for Africa Development in Warri, the Delta State capital, visited the premises of Sunny Eru Motors to engage with the staff of the company in a sensitization program aimed at educating them on TALKAM Against Trafficking in Persons (TATIP) project.

Vivian Ezeta, Project Assistant (Delta State) of  DEVATOP and Ejiro Biokoro, a TATIP Community Champion for Delta State, were warmly received by the manager of the transport company, Mr Patrick and the company’s public relations officer, Mr Jacob Edesi, both of whom were quick to voice their gratitude for the visit from the DEVATOP team.

The DEVATOP team proceeded to engage with the staff of the transport company in an attempt to foster a good working relationship and inform them of the critical role they could play as stakeholders in the fight against human trafficking due to their unique position. They also broached the subject of the company potentially becoming a member of the Private Sector against Trafficking in Persons Forum.

The Manager, Mr Patrick, shared some instances of how the company had come in contact with various cases of human trafficking and how they had taken action to aid law enforcement in intercepting the traffickers in each case. He also lauded the vision of the  TALKAM Against the Trafficking in Persons (TATIP) project as he stated that it would help to improve the rate of response to cases of human trafficking in the state by law enforcement personnel.

The manager proceeded to reiterate their gratitude for the visit and promised the full support of the transport company in acting as a stakeholder towards countering the Trafficking in Persons.