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Support TALKAM- Human Rights Abuse Reporting Mobile App

Thank you for your interest to support the development of TALKAM- A human rights abuse and anti-human trafficking reporting mobile application.

The Cost for the project- TALKAM: Mobile Application, Maintenance and Human Rights ICT Hub (where the report from mobile app will be analyzed and utilized) is $40, 000   (13, 800 000 Naira)

Account name: Devatop Centre for Africa Development

Account number: 4110051764 (Naira account)  or

Account Number:  5250095500 (Dollar Account)

Bank name: Fidelity Bank PLC, Nigeria

SWIFT code/Routing Number:   FIDTNGLA

Bank Zip/ Postal Code:     900245

Branch Sort Code:           070080306

Bank State:    Federal Capital Territory

Contact: +2348067251727


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